Landing/Capture Page

Mobile Responsive

Anytime you're going to promote/market, you would send your prospects to your landing/capture page. This is what starts the process.

Your prospect is presented with a short, interest generating video that prompts them to request information by providing their name, email address and phone number. This is called Opting in.

This is a very important step in the referral/sales process! By capturing your prospects contact information, you now can follow up with them! And as we all know... The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!

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Your Landing/Capture Page will be:

Thank You Page

Mobile Responsive

The thank you page is where your prospects are taken after they opt-into your capture page. This page gives your prospects very simple instructions to verify their email address or confirming via text.

Here is where this marketing system becomes Incredibly Powerful! Your prospect is required to confirm their email address or confirm via text in order to get to the main presentation.

This creates a double opted in, email or text verified prospect.

Presentation Page

Mobile Responsive

As soon as your prospect clicks on the confirmation email or confirms via text, they are sent to your Video Presentation Page. This also schedules the Email Responder Series to begin sending and the text messages to begin sending if they confirmed via text!

This page is personalized with your name, phone number, social media links and Get Started button.

Unlimited Campaign ID's

With Individual Tracking Stats

We understand the importance and necessity of advertising with multiple sources. Driving traffic to your capture pages is the life blood of your funnel.

So we provide you with a way to create unlimited unique campaign ID's on each funnel in the system.

Each campaign ID comes with it's own tracking statistics giving you the ability to track the effectiveness of each of your traffic sources so you can maximize your marketing dollars!

Digital Business Card

Mobile Responsive

Every funnel needs to have a Digital Business Card!

This page is Personalized with your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Social Media Links and a Request More Info button which is pointed to your Capture Page.

Another essential and powerful tool for your marketing arsenal!

Email System

As soon as your prospect opts into your capture page and clicks on the confirmation email, they are automatically setup on a campaign of follow up emails.

This campaign of follow up emails are all personalized to each individual prospect and have links back to your corporate site so when they do decide to purchase, you get credit for the referral!

Each email sent has tracking embedded to give you statistics on emails sent, opened and clicks. Each email is also customized with your name, phone number and social media links.

This campaign runs 1 email every 2 days for 3 weeks after your prospect confirms their email address.

Here is what is sent out:

  1. Confirmation Email - Sent when Prospect Opts in
  2. Thank You Email - Sent when Prospect Confirms
  3. A Solid Foundation - Day 2
  4. 5 Figures Per Month - Day 4
  5. Step 1 - Day 6
  6. Step 2 - Day 8
  7. Step 3 - Day 10
  8. Numbers don't lie - Day 12
  9. Upcoming Webinar Scheduled - Day 14
  10. Don't miss out... - Day 16
  11. Last Chance - Day 18

Following up is the most important thing you can do to build your business!

Keyword Texting Platform

The Keyword Texting Platform is Incredibly Powerful! Research shows that text messages have a 98% Open Rate!

With this feature, you have the ability to have your prospects text your Username to the system phone number and they will instantly be sent a link to your digital business card and a link to your Presentation Page and automatically sets your prospects up on a Follow Up Text Message Drip Campaign.

Here is what is sent out.

  1. Welcome Text
  2. 24 hour Follow-Up
  3. Follow-Up 7 Days After Previous Text
  4. Follow-Up 7 Days After Previous Text
  5. Follow-Up 7 Days After Previous Text

This is a total of a 3 Week Follow-up Text Campaign!

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