A Health Revolution


Dr. Prasad’s mission has always been to give as many people access to his Micro Daily formula as possible. For many years, Micro Daily (named at the time Military Micronutrient Formulation) was only available to the U.S. Military.

A chance encounter with businessman and investor David Nemelka began a multi-year journey that ultimately led to a partnership between David and Dr. Prasad.

Seeing how Micro Daily positively impacted the lives of thousands (including his wife), David developed a conviction of Micro Daily’s efficacy that drove an urgency to put Dr. Prasad’s formula in the hands of all that need it.

Making Dr. Prasad’s mission his own David partnered with Dr. Prasad to bring Engage to the world and make Micro Daily available to the masses.

David Nemelka & Dr. Kedar Prasad's Vision

“Build a community of wellness by inspiring, enhancing, and defending human health – one life at a time.”

“Our promise to you is not one of platitudes – but of real, effective, tangible results. We believe in Engage, in Micro Daily, and in you – not as a means of profit, but as a means of proof.

Proof that human health is within our grasp. Proof that we can take back our futures, feel good, safe, whole, and healthy again.

We believe that optimal health is an important step to a free mind, a healthy body and an enriched soul.

Our promise to you is an enhanced lifetime with Dr. Prasad’s formulations. Living a happy and fruitful life requires optimal health – so that you can achieve, accomplish and complete the things you set your mind to.

We understand that we are not the only answer. But we do know that we offer an important answer as you seek to live an optimally healthy life."

— David Nemelka & Dr. Kedar Prasad, Ph.D

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A Health Revolution

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