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Dr. Prasad conducted 17 lectures to military scientists and worked with Congress for two years to gain approval for the funding necessary to complete the scientific validation process for Micro Daily.

Six years and 14 clinical studies later, Dr. Prasad successfully demonstrated that Micro Daily is indeed the world’s most scientifically validated supplement.

Here is the Timeline of Events:

2001 - Department of Defense asks Dr. Prasad for help.

2003 - Animal Studies Completed.

2004 - Safety Tests Completed.

2005 - Human Clinical Trials Completed.

2006 - Veteran clinical trials completed, Micro Daily Approved

6 years of testing.

9 months of safety testing with the U.S. Military Internal Review Board.

14 total clinical studies — including 7 human trials

$12.5 million funding from the U.S. Congress

Over $24 million total invested to develop and validate Micro Daily

7 U.S. Patents awarded to Dr. Kedar Prasad, Ph.D.

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